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What We Do


BDG & ANC Transfer Office Reconfiguration
PBB Sports Facilities
MTI Server Room
Current Affairs Transfer Office Reconfiguration
Reconfiguration of Studio 4 Control Room
Studio 2 Control Room Rehabilitation
Motorpool Reconfiguration and Roofing Extension
Cooling Tower Catwalk Walkway Rehabilitation
Raising of Inlet Channel Wall Elevation & Construction of Access Catwalk
Studio Block Roofing Replacement
Dreamweaver Roof Rehabilitation
Construction of Foundation for APS 2 Organic Neutralizer
Preventive Maintenance of 15 MVA ELJCC Substation
DTC Electrical Works, Preventive Maintenance and Electrical Audit
Preventive Maintenance of DTC Building Substation
DTC Substation Botts and Nuts Replacement
Operation & Maintenance of Electrical & Auxiliaries (CCTV, SCADA, DMS)
Building Maintenance (2010-2011) 2 years
Electrical Rehabilitation of Incoming Power Line
I-Post Office Expansion Electrical Works
Transmitter Replacement Project
Power Supply for Redundant Busduct
PBB House Reconfiguration
Studio 2, 4 & 5 Main Building Electrical Rehabilitation Works
Rehabilitation of Water Pipe Lines(fresh water and fire protection system)
Fire Protection System, New Main line
Electro-Mechanical Upgrade of 8 Sewer Pump Station
Air Conditioning Systems & Fire Protection Systems Sun Logistic Plant
Design and Construction of 12/16MVA, 13.8/4.16KV
Supply and Installation of 34.5kV First Private Pole and Incoming Power Lines
5MVA Maddela Substation
10MVA Diffun Substation
Zamarraga Island Electrification Project Power Generation and Transmission (Island Grid) 15kms
Installation of 20/25MVA, 69kV/13.8kV Cubi Point Substation and Installation of 2x10 MVA 69kV Receiving Structure of Re my-field Substation
Jusmag/BAYAN/PBB Genset transfer and installation
Renovation of ABS-CBN Cagayan de Oro Transmitter Building
Relocation of Generator Set at Jusmag
Installation of 1x2000kW Catterpillar Generator Set, Including the LVSG
Rehabilitation of 65,000 Liters Fuel Storage Tank
Installation of 2x2000kVA Generator Set at GMA-7 Network Center