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Harmonic System Inc., splashed on the waters of Caba, La Union at Villa Navarro Beach Resort last May 23 and 24, 2015. It was a long drive going to the said location but it was worthwhile to have a place to relax and take time to resort from the busy streets of the metro-and the bundles of workloads too!

As soon as we get to the place, everyone had their own way to seize the moment. The guys hurried to play basketball; others immediately dived to the sea; some went to cooking for merienda and for dinner as well.

Before the night falls, the employees started the team building where everyone had fun over physical and logical games.

We also played other fun and exciting games which formed laughter throughout the resort.

When the evening came and everyone felt a bit tired, we gathered together to finely eat dinner. Lots of food were served and all taste so good!

The night was still long so everyone grabbed a drink and made cheers for happy day together. The bonfire was awesome!

The morning bloomed and it left us half of the day before we go back to Manila, so we spent swimming into the sea and played like broods. Taking pictures together, eating lots of food served and reminiscing every moment happened on the entire getaway. Indeed, we had made this summer a fun-filled one.